The word Biscuit derives from the Latin word 'Bis' (meaning 'twice') and 'Coctus' (meaning cooked or baked). There is nurture; creation and determination behind munch of every crunchy Biscuit. To create those mouth watering delicacies, Anmol Biscuit is following the same path of creation under the strong leadership of Mr. Baijnath Choudhary. From a single biscuit manufacturing plant Anmol is rising with a vision to become the most popular biscuit brand across the globe. Anmol’s main driving forces to accelerate continuous growth are with the views and values of Mr. Baijnath Choudhary, Mr. Bishwanath Choudhary, Mr. Dilip K. Choudhary, Mr. Gobind Ram Choudhary and Mr. Bimal Kumar Choudhary.


We Desire to be in the pinnacle of the list, paying a firm attention, to the growth of the conglomerate. The value for life should always commemorate the path of growth. Our target is to attain the aspiration with global approach. Anmol delivers the best returns to the society, consumers, employees and stakeholders. There is a spontaneous upgrade of standard for the associates. Leveraging the asset to enhance the Group synergy and becoming globally cutthroat is the chosen route to sustain growth and long-term attainment.


Anmol offers its customers a wide variety of biscuits in various tempting flavours suiting all tastes. The consumers can take their pick from Glucose Biscuits, Coconut Biscuits, Butter Biscuits, Cream Biscuits, and Tea Biscuits etc. with a vibrant variety of 23 brands, Anmol Biscuit is available in 42 SKUs.


About the Brand: The versatile youthful brand constantly aims to provide a novel and exciting taste experience to the consumer. Anmol takes pride in being one of the leading biscuit selling brands in India. The brand Anmol is well known in and across the country and now aims to touch the globe all around.


Hygiene is a primary concern in Anmol. To maintain a germ free, harmless, quality food product, Anmol initiates lots of innovations and experiments. One of the leading biscuit manufacturers of India, Anmol biscuits has two state-of-the-art manufacturing units- one at Dankuni in West Bengal, and the other at Noida, near Delhi. The manufacturing units have been equipped with the latest modern machineries available in India, which facilitate in manufacturing uniform quality of biscuits. The Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and the Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP) are adapted at all the plants, along with the use of sophisticated packing machines and materials, ensure that each and every biscuit manufactured never fails to delight the customers with its taste and freshness. High quality products are delivered to the customers after undergoing stringent quality control tests. The quality control tests are done at every stage of biscuit-making, i.e., inspection of raw materials, processing and post-production goods by qualified personnel in well-equipped laboratories. The manufacturing units and the products of Anmol are BSI certified and the Company is ISO 22000:2005 certified. Anmol is also a member of Agriculture and Processed Food Exports Development Authority (APEDA) under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India. The company is also a member of Federation of Indian Export Organisation. Recently the company has also received the HALAL Certificate.


Anmol has taken lots of initiatives to explore the opportunities around the globe to spread the brand, but to let the dream come true it is needed that the company is strong in the home ground first. So the ultimate goal is to cater the entire country first. In this regard Noida plant caters to the North, South and Western region of India and Kolkata plant caters to the east and north eastern parts of the country. The network of super stockists, distributor and salesperson has reached every corner of the country. Serving India with great determination has helped Anmol to become one of the largest brands across the country having 110 Super stockists, 2600 distributors & 250 sales person & present in about more than 4 lackhs retail shop.


Marketing and business honchos usually utters that doing business only to make money is something like playing tennis looking at the scoreboard. To enjoy the corporate citizenship it has always been a prime concern of Anmol Biscuits to come forward when it comes to helping the needy. A huge appetite for Indian biscuits is being created abroad as the World Food Programme (WFP) supplies cartons of 100 gm packs of fortified glucose biscuits carrying the slogan "Gift of the Govt. and People of India" to feed Pakistani and Iraqi Kids. Though there are hardly any margins, the volumes and opportunity to indirectly explore the foreign market is enough to make the company bid for every WFP tender, and especially so when it is known that it is being done for a noble cause.

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